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You choose, we sew.
Made in France.

An unparalleled trousers collection to customise. Compose yours!

Dozens of colours to create the top of your dreams

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It’s simple:

You choose, you decide, and we work for you!

Step 1


Choose from our selection of dozens of colours. Let the nobleness of silk or wool, the lightness of linen or the extreme ease of polyester seduce you. Each material is the reflection of your choices, your desires. All are of exceptional quality, purchased in France, Italy and Switzerland.

Step 2


Details make all the difference! Opt for a cuff at the bottom of the leg to lengthen your silhouette, choose to add loops to slip your favourite belt, change the pockets … Now take the reins of our studio to imagine your personal creation.

Step 3

We work for you

Your wishes allow us to create the unique pattern of your garment. Your pattern is saved; it will be accessible as long as you decide. Your fabrics are sent to our workshop so that your garment can be crafted with all the attention it deserves.


An individual and personal approach, local manufacturing and sourcing.

Freedom to dress

Some clothes remain in our memories forever. Either because their colour, cut, or fabric was the exact expression of our desires and needs, or because they suited us perfectly.

Vestiaire Personnel was born from our desire to create these clothes for you. So that wearing clothes in which you feel entirely confident is no longer due to chance but to a deliberate and easy choice.

No more wasted hours searching for nothing!

No more purchases left in the closet!

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About us

Elegance, timelessness, sincerity

Our designer, Claire, keeps precious memories of moments spent between women to choose from piles of fabrics selected with passion from her childhood in France. We shared the taste for a job well done and the know-how of clothes long imagined, dreamed and carefully adjusted during these happy moments.

“I created Vestiaire Personnel so that every woman can make and wear the clothes she wants and which will enhance her, even without any sewing knowledge.

We all remember, years later, pants or a little top in which we felt so good and confident. I want to offer women the freedom to create these clothes that sublimate them and accompany them in their daily life without hindering them or making them doubt their beauty. “

At Vestiaire Personnel, blouses, tops and pants are offered as a starting point to help you in your choice. You then decide how to sew them, with your fabric and your favourite colour.

In our workshops in Lyon, the collections are produced to order using materials purchased as close to us as possible. This approach allows us to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to their strict minimum and to generate no waste caused by unsold stocks.

We do not use any plastic in our packaging and choose recycled or compostable materials as much as possible.

The total control of the chain, without intermediaries, allows us to choose the partners we wish to work with in line with our values.

This allows us to offer you the fairest prices for unique clothing, individually sewn for you – only you.

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