3 Essentials For Your Vacation List

By Claire, on 19.11.2021

In summer, many of us have the essential black sunglasses and printed and fluid dresses in our suitcase, synonymous with lightness and sunshine! When you have to juggle with the vagaries of the sky, it seems necessary to readjust your choices. Both pragmatic and aesthetic, we offer you our 3 essentials for your vacation list.
  1. The braided hat

The sunlight is very present, as the first reflex: to cover our heads. Large, XXL or Panama-type, the braided hat is undoubtedly a timeless item in our summer wardrobe. Since our childhood, he has maintained his place in our hearts and in that of our style icons. Its light and supple material with an artisanal weaving smells of the beach, the mere fact of holding it in our hands can be enough to bring back many memories. Our advice: choose it in 100% natural material, it will look better and you will wear it for a long time. When it comes to transport, it can be easily carried in suitcases - as long as it is neither folded nor flattened. If he doesn't like rain, humidity will help him get through the seasons. Indeed, straw materials need water to maintain their innate flexibility.
  1. Wide pants

The rain is coming back and is accompanied by a cool wind? Without giving up linen blouses or leather sandals, composing with wide pants becomes easy - not to say playful. Colored or even white, it adapts perfectly to the vagaries of the weather and warms our outfits with ease. In our online store, we offer a wide choice of options to help you create your ideal model: topstitched on the front leg, with or without pockets, cuffed, ¾ or full length… All you have to do is choose the color and material of this essential from your vacation list. What do you think of pastel tones - yellow, blue, lilac? For the summer season, we recommend a cotton or linen material for more fluidity and comfort.
  1. The flexible bag

Our bags and tote bags like to make our life easier, isn't that their primary role? In the summer, let's give them back. What is the use of exposing leather materials to the heavy rays of the sun, to the heat and humidity of the rain? The strength and chic of cotton canvas are often unsuspected. Many models exist, we can say that all of them decomplex our relationship to the simplicity and lightness of this material. Lighten your essentials and take your everyday life in a shopping bag style tote, or in a "mesh" model whose lightness could quickly convince you. At the start of the school year, we make the pleasure of summer last on the markets or on a stroll through town, accompanied by a trench coat. Braided hat, wide pants and soft bag; Whether the holidays are approaching or are already over, be sure the power of these essentials in your wardrobe.

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