fashion that's just like you

Tailor-made fashion

The concept

Youchoose, we sew!
Or how to buy better.

We are giving you the keys to our creative studio! Take power and choose, decide, finally wear clothes that look like you.
Vestiaire Personnel was born from our founder’s desire to reconnect with her roots and rediscover the pleasure of wearing carefully imagined, constructed, and chosen garments.
You will find in our collections all the necessary tools to build yourself the clothes you want and in which you feel entirely confident.

The future of your wardrobe?
It’s up to you to define it!

Our ultimate wish is to see you take power and enjoy the beautiful and simple things beyond fashion and appearances.
We want to see you strong and empowered with a personalised wardrobe, clothes that fit you and support you through your experiences.
Let’s face our differences and our choices. Each of us is unique; let’s not hesitate to show it!


The pleasure of doing
things well

Favour local know-how, highlight a beautiful material, a simple and impeccable cut to the detriment of the useless and the futile.

  • Cuts that highlight the person wearing the garment and their personality.
  • An almost unlimited choice of materials to allow you to finally realise the garment of your dreams.
  • Short, local production and purchasing channels to avoid wasting precious resources.
  • No intermediaries to offer you an affordable price.
  • Made-to-order production to eliminate overstocks and avoid waste.

All this without compromising, neither on the simple – nor on the exceptional.


From 3D visualization to creating your unique pattern on demand, traditional sewing transposed to the 21st century.

Creation of your unique pattern

  • When you choose a style option, for example, a cuff at the bottom of the leg, we create the pattern corresponding to your choices in a fraction of a second. This is made possible thanks to the digitization of the patronages and an innovative technique consisting of preparing our patterns like a Lego® game box. All you have to do is choose items, and the pieces will magically fit together on our server!
  • A consequence of this technology is that each pattern is saved as a computer file that can be used again to sew a new, identical garment. Have you ever dreamed of being able to redo a garment that you loved to wear years later? It is now possible!

3D visualization of your creation

  • Unless you are perfectly trained and know our patterns by heart, it is impossible to imagine an element, not on the model photographed. That’s why we also modelled all of our patterns, including each of their variations, in 3D. When you choose an option, a message is sent to our servers to search for this visual and offer it to you in your browser window. All in a fraction of a second.
  • We also wanted to integrate this cutting-edge tool to allow you to visualise the colours of our many fabrics on the model of your choice. Fancy a peach or rather coral silk top? The difference is sometimes subtle, and there is nothing like being able to see both colours to choose from.

Our collections

Over the months and seasons, the Vestiaire Personnel ephemeral collections evolve according to our desires and yours and come to spice up and enrich our permanent collection.

On the one hand, a permanent collection made up of timeless and essential clothes, to be worn on a daily basis. This collection is guaranteed to be available for years to come so you can recommend your favourite clothes over and over again, in a new fabric or colour. A unique pattern is created for each of your orders and is saved in your profile. Use it as you see fit, ask us, for example, to redo these wide pants in which you feel so good in white, black, red, blue, cotton, wool, linen … No limits!

On the other hand, temporary collections that reflect our favourites finds and little follies; models or exceptional fabrics are available only for a short period.

All of this is naturally made possible thanks to our unrivalled fabric catalogue from which you can choose the colour and material of your dreams. Whether it is machine washable wool for your pants or GOTS certified silk for your new blouse, we offer hundreds of references to build your wardrobe as you wish.

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