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Dozens of fabrics and colours to choose from to compose your garment

All our fabrics are purchased in France, Italy or Switzerland.

Need help finding the perfect fabric to make your trousers or blouse? To help you, we created this short and easy survey to guide you through the important steps. With just a few questions, we will guide you to your ideal choice, tailored to your needs and desires.

Help me choose the ideal fabric

All our fabrics

We have selected the fabrics presented here from manufacturers in France, Italy, and Switzerland, selling their materials in small quantities.

This approach ensures that we never have excess stock that could be thrown away, recycled or sold off, but more importantly, it allows us to offer you an unrivalled choice of materials and colours!

Not sure what wool gabardine or silk crepe is? Let alone what colour will go best with the clothes you already have?

Order one of these fabric sample cards to choose from at home. One card costs 5€ only, and the price is refunded for every garment purchase. Don’t hesitate!

  • sharleen polyester crepe
    Polyester stretch crepe (Sharleen)
  • stretch wool cm009
    Stretch wool
  • wool crepe CM001
    Wool Crepe
  • machine washable stretch wool trousers
    Stretch wool flannel (Lucy)
  • summer stretch cotton trousers for women
    Cotton stretch satin (CM007)
  • business stretch trousers
    Wool stretch gabardine (CM003)
  • summer trousers in stretch linen for women
    Stretch linen blend
  • crepe de chine silk blouse woman
    100% silk crepe de Chine (1866)
  • women's stretch silk top
    Stretch crepe de Chine (NT058EVM)
  • chic blouse satin silk stretch woman
    Heavy stretch silk satin (Vamp)
  • fabric samples
    Lightweight stretch silk satin (NT023EVM)