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High-waisted trousers for women – how to choose

By Claire, on 13.11.2022

Choosing the right high-waisted trousers for women according to your body type is essential, and we show you the most critical points to avoid making a mistake.

Choose your high-waisted trousers according to your body type

There is a high-waisted trouser for every body type, but mine is probably not the same as yours, and more importantly, how you wear them will directly impact the final elegance of your look! To learn more about this, check out our other article, “How to wear high-waisted trousers”.

Are you tall and slim? If so, opt for high-waisted trousers with pleats and draping at the hips and waist that will redefine your figure.

Full hips often look great in a palazzo or high-waisted wide-leg trousers in loose, flowing fabrics but without pleats at the waist.

For shorter women, we recommend a tapered or slim shape that tapers towards the ankle – straight or slim trousers.

Do you need help choosing? We have designed the following body test just for you! With just a few questions, we will guide you to a selection of trousers whose shape and volume make you look good.

Find my ideal trousers
  1. Straight-leg trousers

Straight high-waisted trousers are the gold standard in trouser fit, and they fit all shapes. You can’t go wrong with a pair of these. Straight-leg trousers have a regular width from thigh to ankle, neither too narrow nor too wide, and elegantly follow the length of the leg.

Our straight-leg high-waisted trousers


Straight trousers can be worn with heels or trainers and are an excellent choice for any occasion. The Ton Invitation model pictured here is slightly curved to slim and lengthen the leg. Who could tell that our model Katharina is only 1.55m tall?

pantalon femme taille haute
Pantalon droit taille haute Ton Invitation
  1. Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg trousers follow the classic waist and hip line, the difference being at the thigh, where the trousers no longer follow the leg line but flare out more or less to the bottom. They are suitable for almost all body types, especially if fitted on the hips, without pleats or gathers.

Our wide-leg high-waisted trousers


pantalon femme taille haute pantalon large taille haute le grand large

  1. Slim pants

Unfortunately, slim-fit trousers, although very versatile in the outfits they can be the basis of, are not an effortless style for all body types. You can wear slim trousers whatever your size, but they are more flattering for ‘medium’ sizes.

Indeed, a size 34 or 36 slim-fit pair of trousers can make you look skinny and unfeminine if you are very thin. If you have round hips, the slim fit will, unfortunately, emphasise and accentuate your shape; however, you can ‘cheat’ and hide your body if it makes you feel more confident under a long tunic and enjoy the comfort that a slim fit with elastane provides!

pantalon femme taille haute pantalon 7/8 blanc

A final word

There are endless possibilities for making high-waisted trousers for women, and here we offer you some of them, but they are far from being exhaustive. Do you have a specific model in mind that we do not provide? Don’t hesitate to contact us; our patterns are designed so that we can easily create a new pant model, especially for you!

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