How to properly store our summer clothes?

By Claire, on 19.11.2021

We often forget that the French are among those citizens of the world for whom living according to the seasons is possible. A chance, isn't it? Even when certain days make us meet several of them - such as for example a sunny and balmy morning, followed by untimely rain and sudden cool wind - the pleasure of wearing different clothes throughout the year remains. If you function like us, your wardrobe is divided in two: one for spring-summer, the other for fall-winter. The essential remaining is to supply yourself accordingly with timeless basics to accompany you through the transitions. In case your closet is super-loaded and your first pick is the ski suit matching the beach sarong, maybe it's time to put some order! You will feel lighter and approach the new season with more enthusiasm, be sure. Mainly composed of light cotton, linen, silk or even polyester, the pieces that we wear during sunny days require special care when it comes to storing them. How to properly store our summer clothes? After performing the necessary sorting step, which very often teaches us a lot about ourselves - ultimately, wide stripes and us, that's three - here are some tips. The central idea: rediscover with pleasure and envy your summer pieces next season, and this, in impeccable condition.

1. Cleaning

It seems logical, no long-term storage without a thorough cleaning of everything that makes up your summer locker room. Imagine your joy when you will find these clean and neat clothes in a few months! Accessories, clothes, shoes, they must be free of all traces of dirt but also of any grains of sand. Pests will only spare your clothes at this cost. Regarding materials, follow our care guide for fabrics like linen and silk . White requires special attention, you will learn more in this dedicated article . Also remember to repair or mend any snags that damage your clothes, so that they are new ready to be worn as soon as the mild temperatures return. For shoes, run the plastic flip flops under soapy water, then pat them dry. Those made of leather can be cleaned with special leather liquid. Sneakers and other string sandals will simply have their dust sucked up, for example using a brush-tipped vacuum cleaner - they must indeed avoid water.

2. Define storage location and supplies

It's not always easy to store your clothes, especially in confined spaces. Small apartments will need to be resourceful in organizing storage. The ideal: group all of your belongings in one place. Think of lost surfaces, such as wardrobe tops or under beds, or even above the front door! The frame is not high enough to slide the dedicated box? Change the legs of the bed, gain height - that's it. To store your clothes, think about boxes, covers, possibly racks or other supports that you will need to store. If you have space, large transparent boxes will be ideal for you. Otherwise, consider the covers. Hanging, they will insulate and protect your delicate clothes. Our favorite, however, goes to vacuum covers which, stored flat, can save you precious space. To forget in our opinion: store in suitcases. Moving, reorganizing, rethinking the slightest movement takes time and energy. Leave your suitcases empty and ready for any departure.

3. In practice

Accessories on one side, shoes on the other, then clothes ... We think of separating the white from the colors by providing different covers, to avoid any risk of transfer of patterns. Slip your heavy pieces first and finish with the lighter ones. Above all, do not iron anything! Once slipped inside your special covers intended for vacuum storage, suck the air with a vacuum cleaner and close the cap tightly. You will be amazed at how little space your summer wardrobe has taken up this year. You can also note the contents of the boxes on labels, to rediscover their contents the following year. We hope that these tips will have helped you in your mission, that of storing your summer clothes well. Have a nice start to all!    

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