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How to style 7/8 pants

By Claire, on 16.09.2022

Whatever your style, we all need comfortable and stylish trousers. The 7/8th trousers are a must-have in any wardrobe, as they give a great deal of freedom to style them in different ways and are easy to match: office, elegant, casual, or sporty outfits, they go with everything! Let’s take a closer look at how these stylish trousers can be integrated into everyday looks.

What Does 7/8 Length Mean?

A 7/8 length means the hem should stop above the ankle, about four fingers from the ankle bone. The 7/8 trousers design can easily fit any outfit in any season. Thanks to the variety of designs, you can find many thicker or thinner fabric styles that can be worn in cold and warm weather.

As autumn is quickly approaching, we suggest you make it in lovely stretchy wool that you can also line for even more comfort.

Who Can Wear the 7/8 Trouser Style?

Many women believe these trousers visually reduce height, but this is not entirely true as it mostly depends on how you will style them.

Choosing the perfect 7/8 trouser design is simple, considering your body’s features. Slender women can opt for slim-fitting models with narrow legs. Try the more elegant styles a little wider for those of us with curves to avoid accentuating our curves.

Not sure which trousers are suitable for you? Take our short quiz and get personalised recommendations on the best trouser styles for you.

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How to Style the 7/8 Trousers

These trousers are very versatile; however, knowing how to choose the other elements of your look correctly and learning how to create eye-appealing colour combinations is crucial.

The suitable fabric, colour, and design help shape the silhouette, hide imperfections, and highlight your best body features.

You can create a sensational outfit even with a simple pair of classic black high-waisted 7/8 trousers (Un Air de Vacances, for example); for instance, try a nice white t-shirt and a pair of white sneakers, and that’s all you need. This is just one example of an outfit that can simultaneously make you look fabulous and feel great.

pantalon 7/8 femme noir black 7/8 pants woman

  • Blue 7/8 trousers

Blue trousers suit everyone anytime: they can be included in business outfits, everyday wear, or outfits for romantic dates. Wear them with a white top, a black tunic, or a jacket for a successful outfit that will pass the test of time.

  • White 7/8 trousers

pantalon femme 7/8 blanc white 7/8 trousers for woman

The white 7/8 pants are perfect for hot summer days but not only! You can create an all-white outfit by pairing our Savoir white stretch wool trousers with a jumper in the same shade and complete the look with smoky quartz jewellery, for example, an eye-catching brown handbag and a pair of simple and stylish brown ankle boots.

  • Black 7/8 trousers

A pair of black pants is a must for your corporate wardrobe. They fit almost any shape and can be worn at all times. Wear them with a t-shirt as we’ve already seen for a casual outing or a slim black pullover for a day at the office. The same black Un Air de Vacances trousers we saw with the sneakers above are shown here with Roger Vivier pumps and will become your best friend for work!

What Shoes To Wear With 7/8 Trousers?

The 7/8 trousers are so versatile when pairing with shoes that it is hard not to find something that suits you right. Depending on the season, event, or activity, they can be worn with pumps, sandals, flats, ankle boots, or sneakers. They also look amazingly posh with Oxford shoes, so give them a try!

  • Office Look: 7/8 Trousers with Pumps

pantalon 7/8 look bureau

Are you looking for an effortlessly chic look for office days? Wear your favourite pair of 7/8 trousers with high-heeled pumps, a stylish shirt or a fine cashmere knit top, and pair this ensemble with an elegant handbag. Let the 7/8 be the star element of the outfit!

  • Casual look with low-rise 7/8 trousers: wear them with loafers

pantalon 7/8 pour femme

Loafers are always a good wardrobe staple because they go with everything! With our dark brown or black Découvertes low-rise 7/8 trousers, you can perfectly combine black loafers and a fine camel cashmere knit.

Final Words

Remember that if you have a more curvy body shape, you should choose darker shades and avoid very brightly coloured trousers made of stiff fabrics (dock, gabardine). The more boyish your silhouette or narrow your hips, the more you can choose trousers in light or with prints in pastel colours.

Length and cut create body proportions. That’s why 7/8 trousers will always look better with high heels and wardrobe pieces that, in one way or another, add length to the silhouette (long blazers, blouses, and waist-length shirts) and mark the waist.

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