How to wear yellow in winter?

By Claire, on 19.11.2021

As the days get shorter and duller, the urge to synchronize with nature is strong. We like to camouflage ourselves, to feel ourselves in heavy and cozy woolen coats, we tell ourselves that dark colors protect us more from outdoor conditions. Well-established habits. Results ? Like an army, our imperious silhouettes in the streets hoist themselves in dull, extinct palettes.

It’s a shame because we often forget how much a detail, a colored garment can boost our mood and our dynamism, especially in this season . Ideal for our immune system. Have you ever wondered: how to wear yellow in winter?

Yellow, solar color by definition, never ceases to surprise us. With its infinite variations of tones, all women can in principle wear it. From mustard to neon through softer yellow, it is one of those fashion subtleties that bring joy to those who wear it. We have compiled in this article the aspects to know to wear yellow in winter.

Yellow, for whom?

If you’re one of those people who thinks yellow isn’t suitable for blondes, think again! The colorimetry tests are there to guide you on the best shade to adopt. Some contain more yellow, red or blue, and can create a completely different radiance.

If, however, you were not convinced by these tests as close as possible to your shade, why not wear yellow on pants? A daring way to take on this color full of good humor. Imagine extending your figure with a slender and elegant model – take a look at our catalog of pants , the shade of your choice yellow including is probably waiting for you.


Is yellow in the office suitable?

Yes – of course, on condition that you dose it accurately according to your field of activity . If you work in a financial or legal branch, it may be relevant to associate it with touches with more neutral tones. It can also be worn as an accessory, such as a silk scarf. The mustard color represents a safe bet, it can easily be used in all types of outfits.

Yellow and its allies; what are they ?

For warm tones like saffron, prefer gray / anthracite / black or beige combinations. Strong colors like sunny yellow will work well with camel, brown and cream. If you are more daring, try yellow with another primary color like red or blue.

The key principle: avoid combining more than three colors in the same outfit.

As you can see, wearing yellow in winter promises many benefits; we take the party to spread good humor for the collective and we allow ourselves new variations of colors and clothes, in which we feel strong, confident.

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