Summer in white: practical details

By Claire, on 19.11.2021

What other colour than white gives you such a feeling of refinement and elegance when you wear it? Probably none. The status of white is, in some areas, still controversial. Is it really a color? For scientists, white "represents the sum of all the wavelengths of light" (Source). In terms of colorimetry, we would talk more about the luminosity spectrum White and black are in fact placed at the ends of the spectrum, itself made up of shades of grey. Interesting isn't it? For our visual perception and our feelings though, white is considered a colour. Long featured in summer collections, this timeless colour fascinates as much as it intimidates. Let's take stock of the false beliefs and the strengths it is subject to.

White, for whom?

In the pages of magazines, in the course of conversations, we have often heard it: white tends to make you look bigger, while black makes you look thinner. With this in mind, it becomes simpler to choose dark colours that are deemed easy to match and maintain and ultimately "hideaway". What a waste to forego the benefits of white for these not always well-founded arguments. What do we think of this? Even immaculate in white, a quality garment, well-cut, in a material adapted to your morphology, can only make you look good. If you have curves, choose thick enough and preferably plain materials - avoid synthetics and prints such as stripes which emphasise what you would prefer to hide. Also, try a complete outfit in white. Combining different pieces of the same bright colour will make your silhouette look harmonious and luminous.

How to wear it?

In principle, white can be associated with all types of colours. The combination is ultimately a matter of taste: black and white together promote contrasts, and pastel tones soften the mood… The camel - off-white - anthracite palette is a particularly chic combination, with which it is difficult to go wrong. In total look, the detail that changes everything: choosing different whites and combining them to build a subtle outfit reinforces the wearer's elegance. Test, dare!

Maintain white

It is true that white stains quickly, very quickly indeed. But on the other hand, why miss out on wearing a colour that is so luminous, and that brings unanimity like no other? In case of a stain, it is necessary to act quickly with the appropriate stain remover. Also, remember to sort your laundry well in the different existing white categories: even a light cream could discolour a white fabric in the machine! And you, what type of white would make you shine? Which item of clothing should soon join your wardrobe? We hope this article has inspired and encouraged you to rediscover this timeless and elegant colour that is white.

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