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Marlene Style Pants In Spring-Summer Season

By Claire, on 19.11.2021

The Marlene pants remain a great classic among the timeless and a true style icon. Its high waist sculpts the hips as her legs get wide, and despite this, this model stretches the figure. Is there any other type of wide pants of such elegance? Not sure . And yet when it first appeared in the 1940s, it was controversial for a long time and accused of destroying the rules of genres. If it has been tolerated in the urban context of large cities, its association with the men's jacket to make it a “tuxedo” has raised many criticisms. Women stood up, among them actresses like Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich to whom he owes his nickname. Stylists such as Yves Saint Laurent, for example, supported them by creating extravagant trousers as noble as they were rare for the time. Not so long ago - the 1970s. Marlene pants were therefore an ostentatious, political, equal symbol. Through the ages, the nonchalance of its volume and the comfort it offers continue to seduce us.

How to wear it during the spring-summer season?

Choose it in a heavy cotton or polyester material; ideally the material dances in the course of your steps, caressing your legs. The fall must be impeccable, also wide cuffs will accentuate its charm. Among our timeless models, find the models 'Le Grand Large', 'Mélodie' and 'Soirée Douce'. When it comes to style, it goes well with simplicity; a top or a T-shirt for those with a marked waist. If not, give the fluidity of the blouses and blouses a chance to bring attention to the legs. Don't forget to take it a step further with a pair of heeled sandals.  

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