Monochrome Outfits to Wear This Winter

By Claire, on 04.12.2022

Monochrome outfits are all about clothing items in the same colour from head to toe! However, this mix&match is neither boring nor uninspired if you know some style tricks. More than this, you can wear monochrome outfits pretty much anywhere – to the office, out for a date, and even to the club – you will look impeccable each and every time. And the rules are not as strict as you might think! You can easily create monochrome outfits worthy of admiration. Here are some secrets we’re willing to share with you!

Play with Texture Prints

When going for monochrome outfits, your main goal is to avoid looking like you are wearing a school uniform. And to do this, it is essential to experiment with different relief prints and textures to create a fantastic visual effect. For an all-black or all-white outfit, you can choose a relief print t-shirt that is both modern and chic or pair an elegant satin shirt with mat crepe wool trousers. You might want to order our fabric samples to check the different combinations at home with your existing pieces. Not sure yet? Try them for free with the code Freefabrics and receive up to 3 free colour cards at home!

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look monochrome outfits

Soirée Douce Wool trousers with Ne Me Quitte Pas satin silk shirt

Avoid Layers

We often use layers to create structure and avoid monotony in an outfit. However, when it comes to monochrome outfits, layering should be avoided as it might look like an “overkill.” Less is more- at least in this case!

Use the Colour Palette

Using the colour palette means you are not confined to just pure colour. You can use any tone, hue, and shade of that colour. Go from light to dark, pale to strong, whatever you fancy!

look monochrome outfits

Soirée Douce wool trousers with Fantaisie wrap top

Power Suit for Office Hours

No, we’re not talking about the traditional navy blue suit. Imagine outfits in pastel pink or fuchsia with flared trousers and an oversized cut. The combination of a dramatic cut and a total monochrome look positions you in the centre of attention immediately!

If you want a more temperate look, choose pastel colours; if you feel adventurous, electric colours will serve you well! If your office dress code is permissive, you should try fuchsia, red, sapphire blue, or yellow. You can choose a double-breasted blazer or a wrap jacket that doesn’t require a blouse or get a blouse in a similar tone to maximize the visual effect.

Go Nude

Well, not really nude-nude, but nude as in “neutral colours.” What could be more luxurious than a total monochrome look in neutral tones? Beige, pale pink or pink, grey, cream – these colours have always been a symbol of good taste and effortless style. Try a pair of wide-legged trousers with a beautiful cashmere jumper in the same colour. Or create a monochrome look with a silk or satin shirt paired with smart wool trousers and a jumper in winter for a sophisticated look.

look monochrome outfits

Le Grand Large wool trousers with Ne Me Quitte Pas polyester crepe

As you understand, a monochromatic look, pairing pieces of the same colour for the top and bottom, is an easy way to create an effortlessly chic style. Whether you’re looking to create an outfit for the office, the weekend or an elegant evening out, the combination of textures, fabrics and cuts is limitless.

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