Pink for Business?

By Claire, on 07.05.2022

Pink is considered an extremely feminine colour, suggesting innocence, romance, and girliness. A combination of red and white, pink is also the colour of love and compassion. Nowadays, pink is also associated with health causes, one of the fight against breast cancer symbols. Pink is also a powerful colour because it is considered a mood regulator which can tone down aggressiveness and negativity.

However, pink is the least worn colour for executives. Other colours rarely worn by them are red, yellow, and orange. This is because of an old assumption that pink is too feminine for business, and wearing pink outfits in the office means you are not a responsible and reliable person.

This dated perspective is currently tackled by fashion experts and corporate people alike. It is ok to add pink to your business outfit if you know how to style it. Let’s check the dos and don’ts together.

Must-Have Pink Clothing Items to Own – Trousers, Blazer, T-shirt, Formal Shirt

Whether it’s a day at the office, a meeting with an important client, or a business conference, a pink garment or accessory can be the perfect piece-de-resistance.

A formal shirt in a pale pink shade, with a body-hugging fit, combined with a pair of trousers in a darker shade and a belt, can be the perfect outfit for a business meeting.

If you prefer a classic combination, you can pair a pink blazer with a simple white shirt or t-shirt for a stylish and sophisticated outfit. This way, the pink jacket will add an eye-catching detail to your business outfit.

However, keep in mind that if you opt for a jacket in a dark colour, the shirt, t-shirt, or blouse can be pale pink, and if the coat is light, the top must be a dark colour. You can complete the entire look with black or nude shoes.

How to Wear Pink – Tips and Tricks

Colours influence us more than we might think in everyday life, and also in business. They can boost morale or help in the persuasive process of negotiation.

Pink is a powerful colour, and it can be worn in business outfits as long as we take the following suggestions into account:

Match pink outfits to your skin tone

If you have a light complexion, it is best to opt for a pink shade that is neither very light nor very dark. Although most of the time, we may think that an intense shade of pink will be to our advantage, this is not always the case; on the contrary, it can create a visual effect we don’t want – the one that says “to much”.

For darker skin tones, the best shade of pink is a pale, powdery shade in most cases. Although this choice generally complements this skin type perfectly, it is still recommended to wear it with clothing items at the top of your outfit because, at the bottom, it could put you at a disadvantage.

People who have a neutral complexion can wear any shade of pink they like, of course, with the recommendation to match the shades with each other and the clothing items to have a pleasant outfit to look at. To make sure you are getting the right shade for you, you can order a color sample card for only 5 euros. The money is reimbursed when you buy your pair of trousers from us.

Color-coordinate pink

When you want to put together a stylish outfit, a perfect choice might be to wear:

  • Powder pink with white. A pink shirt would look great with white trousers. You can also add a pair of classic brown shoes for a more sophisticated look.
  • Powder pink with a soft shade of dark blue. You can choose a pink shirt with a grey blazer, to which you can even add a dark blue accessory.
  • Pink with grey. You’ll never go wrong with this colour combination. If you choose a grey jacket and a pair of grey trousers, together with a pale pink shirt and a pair of brown shoes, you will have a stylish business outfit.

Light hues of pink are the best option

It’s not ideal to choose a bright pink coat for the office. Instead, a pale pink dress or a pair of white trousers paired with a pink rose striped shirt looks great.

For office outfits, always go for light shades, which can give an elegant look.

Pink as a colour accent

To get out of your comfort zone, stylistically speaking, the next step is to opt for colour accents. More to the point, even if you’re going for neutral or monochromatic outfits, don’t forget to add a splash of hot pink and break the monotony of the whole outfit.

If you’re looking for a powerful combination that screams, “I mean serious business, but I am not boring,” choose black pink outfits. This duo is so powerful because of the symbolic antagonism: pink is the colour of sweetness and girliness, while black is the colour of mystery, elegance, and sophistication.

Don’t forget to accessorize

Black pink outfits are best accessorized with golden jewellery. Choose fine jewellery to compliment the powerful business attire.

Pink outfits in neutral shades such as white or nude also go well with golden jewellery.

If you’re not ready for a pink business outfit yet, start small and accessorize with a pink scarf, a bag, or a pair of nice shoes instead. The splash of colour will not go unnoticed.

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Pink

Although we often tend to think that an intense shade of pink will always work to our advantage, this is not always the case.

When you’re going out on a date or with friends, this might be a good choice. But if you’re attending a business meeting, to show elegance and poise, it’s advisable to avoid bright shades of pink in trousers, dresses or blazers.

Final Words

Colours trigger certain emotions in people, but what they trigger varies from person to person.

Pink is a powerful colour that can elevate any outfit to the next level of sophistication and style. This is why pink is no longer taboo in business attires.

Black, grey and navy blue are the most commonly used colours in the business area, but they are overused and end up being meaningless. When everyone looks the same, it’s hard to express your unique personality. In contrast, pink reveals your personality and sets you apart.

Always try to counterbalance a navy blazer with a white shirt or a grey one with a pastel pink one. Don’t be afraid to experiment and find the confidence to wear pink outfits in business attire more often.

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