100% silk crepe de Chine (1866)


Style ideas

Crepe is a soft, flexible fabric that works well with loose-fitting garments and gives them an effortlessly chic, nonchalant look.
Combine a crepe top, for example, with trousers or a skirt that falls straight and cleanly to avoid an overly deconstructed, casual effect.

Think of wearing it with wide linen trousers for an elegant and casual silhouette. With straight wool trousers for a comfortable and stylish office look.

Why choose this reference?

For the heavy and inimitable feel of a fabric of exceptional quality! Our other Crepe de Chine (NT058EVM) is lovely too, but thinner and with some elastane for more comfort.

This fabric is quite thick (182 g/m); it will give your tops and blouses a soft and heavy fall. This fabric is so heavy and thick that it is unnecessary to wear skin-coloured underwear under your clothes; it is perfectly opaque.

Composition: 100% Silk
Origin: France
Care according to manufacturer’s instructions: dry clean

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Detailed description

Crepe de Chine is still mostly silk, but our 1866 reference is 100% silk. It is a reasonably thick fabric and naturally a little elastic because the threads used to weave it are twisted beforehand until they tend to curl.
It is not as shiny as silk satin but rather matt and silky, with a slightly powdery appearance. It will give your tops a nice fluid fall and create nice draped effects.

It is my favourite fabric because it hardly creases at all! After one day of wearing, the folds at the waist or sleeves are imperceptible. If you want to wear it again, simply hang it on a belt and let it relax overnight, or, quicker and more effective, steam it with a portable steamer. For example, we have used several Steamone models with great success.

Don’t know which colour to choose? We have designed these colour cards to help you choose the right tone. Find the colour that will make you look good or match your new top to an existing piece in your wardrobe. The purchase price will be reimbursed for any order, do not hesitate!

Can silk be washed?

Yes, silk, including silk crepe, can be washed with water at home, but you must be careful and aware of the effects of washing. Even with all possible precautions, hand-washed silk will lose some shine with each wash. Its appearance will become more matte and less silky, but the effect is subtle since the Crepe is already quite matte.

Dry-cleaning is mandatory if you have made a stain; you will not be able to remove it without damaging your garment.

Machine or hand wash?

If you wish to wash your silk blouse by hand, immerse the garment in cold or lukewarm water with a special soap for delicates. Stir the water gently with your hands, so the soapy water permeates the garment, or leave it to soak for only a few minutes. Be careful not to leave the garment to soak for more than 3-4 minutes, and do not rub to remove a stain.

In the washing machine, everything is much simpler. Put your blouse in a protective pouch, choose a “wool” programme and the minimum spin speed, add a special detergent for delicate clothes and you’re done.

What happens if you wash the Crepe de Chine by mistake in a regular wash cycle? The fabric will take on a slightly velvety wash silk effect, but it will also show indelible crease marks. These marks will be more or less visible and annoying depending on the colour, so it is best to avoid this!

Do not twist out your wet silk garment under any circumstances! This would leave marks and creases after drying that are impossible to remove. It is best to lay the garment flat on the threads covered with a towel or hang it up after gently patting it dry.

Easy ironing of silk

The secret is finding the right temperature and iron gently inside out and with steam. Be careful. A too-hot iron will mark the fabric and leave creases and folds! We, therefore, advise you to start at a temperature that is a little too low and to increase it little by little until you find the ideal setting.

To remove a few wrinkles on leaving the wardrobe, a bit of steam on the garment hanging on a hanger will quickly fix the problem. Hang the hanger, hold the garment to stretch it a little and steam the folds. Without taking out the ironing board in a few seconds, it will be perfect.