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Detailed description

Classic Straight Pants

Insouciance is designed to become an essential part of your wardrobe. Choose it and be ready to face the day ahead with confidence. Well cut, it is cut in magnificent wool woven in France, which has the advantage of being machine washable!

Long straight leg
Low waist
4cm waist belt

The model pictured has been sewn with an 8cm lapel and our signature Cavalières pockets.

We introduce it here in beautiful stretch wool woven in France (reference Lucy) of absolute comfort and chic that will allow you to style it in all the ways you want, for the office or the weekend. The little extra: this wool is machine washable!

Commander des échantillons de tissu

Please note that our clothes are cut relatively small. We advise you to check our size guide before ordering.

Do you want to adjust the trousers to your measurements? It is possible and straightforward! Contact us, and we’ll set up a 30-minute video meeting where we can create your custom pattern that will be stored until you don’t want it anymore… in 6 months or 10 years! Don’t hesitate; it’s free and with no obligation.

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Styling options

Front of leg:
To elongate your figure, opt for a stitched rib that runs the length of your leg. An ironed crease will also give this effect while allowing you to change the style with a simple stroke of the iron.

According to your preferences, you can choose to have no pockets, which is a guarantee that they will never open!
For all of us who need them, we offer three types of pockets:
– the classic Italian pocket, cut in the bias
– the discreet pocket in the side seam
– the Cavalière pocket, our signature pocket, which with its horizontal cut subtly emphasises the waist

Bottom of the leg:
A classic hem is always an excellent choice to start with, but we also offer two cuff heights (5cm and 8cm), so you can play with the details and not always have the same trousers.

For all women who are sensitive to the cold and also for those who don’t like the feeling of wool on their skin.

Choose an invisible hook if you rarely wear belts. The waist of your trousers will be perfectly lean. It’s a very chic detail that makes a subtle difference.

Style advice

These low-rise trousers will suit all those of us who have a slim and not very marked waist or, on the contrary, a little round. These trousers will settle well on the top of the hips. This will highlight this part of your body and create the illusion of a thin waist by hiding it visually.

You can wear it like our model with a close-fitting knit top and pumps for a stylish office look.
A flowing, loose-fitting jumper or blouse that falls to the hips will also look great. In this case, add a wide belt and tuck one side of your top into the belt to create a diagonal line that will lengthen your figure. Wear this look with less formal shoes, perhaps ballet flats or trainers. Depending on your job, you can wear this look to the office.

Machine-washable wool flannel woven in France (Lucy)

Originally from Wales, where it appeared in the 18th century, Flannel is one of the most resistant and waterproof wool materials. This feat is made possible by a tedious manufacturing process: the fibres are spun, woven, and then scraped. This perfectly mastered weaving and the blend of fibres give our stretch flannel its matte appearance and timeless chic. Of indisputable quality, it will hold up perfectly all day long and is very easy to wash in the machine. Perfect for making trousers in all their forms, it can be used without lining for summer or half-season trousers. Since this wool is quite thinly woven, we recommend adding a lining to your trousers for winter models.

Composition: 60% Wool, 38% Polyethylene, 2% Elastane
Origin: France
Care instructions: machine wash at 40°C or dry clean, iron on a medium iron. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Returns and exchanges

We are not legally obliged to accept exchanges or returns as everything we make is custom made. But we decided to offer this possibility anyway!

Why would we do it?

Quite simply because we want to offer clothes that you will love to wear, we don’t want to force you to buy items you won’t love.

Return or exchange conditions :

Clothing must be unworn and clean, free from stains and damage.

To arrange the return, please message or email us, specifying your order number and the reason for the return, and we will send you a return label.

The shipping costs are at your expense.

See our return conditions here.

Sustainable Product

The local and responsible know-how that we promote allows us to offer you the best possible quality. This item will be made with the most outstanding care in our French workshop located in Limoges. Its optimised production, without overstock, guarantees a light footprint on the environment.

Would you like to know more about the concept of sustainable clothing? In this article, we guide you in this sphere, mainly what makes responsible fashion, and we share our advice to you to choose better.

Thank you too for participating in a world where fashion cycles are more respectful of the environment.