Cotton stretch satin (CM007)


Style ideas

Our cotton sateen is a highly elastic material; it is particularly suitable for slim-fit trousers.
We suggest you have a pair of slim 7/8 trousers (our Un Air de Vacances model, for example) made in black to build a solid foundation for your wardrobe. Wear it with a sleek white t-shirt and white trainers for a casual look, a grey or black loose-fitting jumper, and matching ballet flats for a stylish yet informal look.

This article from the blog will undoubtedly give you other ideas for wearing your new trousers or guide you in their creation!

Why choose this reference?

The models adapted to this very comfortable but rather stiff fabric are the slim and straight models. A pair of wide-leg cotton trousers is undoubtedly comfortable, but the straight fit of this fabric will create rather unflattering volumes, and we do not recommend doing this.
Please choose from our long or 7/8 slim and straight styles to take advantage of this beautiful fabric.

For example, our Un Air de Vacances trousers

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Detailed description

Stretch cotton sateen is a particularly adequate material in spring and summer. Underneath the casual, sporty appearance lies a complex weave of pure, dense cotton warp and cotton weft twisted with an elastomer that gives the fabric its subtle sheen and unmatched comfort.

Don’t know which colour to choose? We have designed these colour cards to help you choose the right tone. Find the colour that will make you look good or match your new top to an existing piece in your wardrobe. The price of this purchase will be reimbursed for any order, do not hesitate!

Composition : 97% Cotton, 3% Elastane
Origin: Italy
Care: Machine washable at 30°C

Can stretch cotton sateen be washed?

Yes, absolutely.
Your cotton trousers can be washed in the machine at 30°C with a suitable detergent. We recommend that you wash it inside out so that the beautiful satin look is not damaged by rubbing against other clothes in the drum of your washing machine.

Easy ironing of cotton trousers

Set the temperature to medium heat, and make sure you use the protective soleplate of your iron if it has one. This will prevent the shiny marks that may appear where the iron has been applied a little too hard. As an alternative, you can also use a damp cloth which will have precisely the same effect.
As for the ironing technique, start by ironing the waist and hips by putting the trousers on the rounded part of your board and turning the trousers as you go.
Then make the legs, marking the folds if you wish. The video produced by the brand Laurastar covers these different points very well, and we recommend it to you!