Recycling Chic 1/2: Jewelry Box

By Claire, on 24.12.2021

Have you already ordered that little silk satin blouse or those wide-legged trousers with lapels from our online shop? If so, you have received your packaged item in a nice black box. The theme of recycling is omnipresent today, how can we reuse this practical and aesthetic object?

With its removable cover and large format, there are many possibilities for reusing the Vestiaire Personnel cardboard box. A few searches on the internet give many ideas, among which we like the most: not surprisingly, storage boxes for sewing supplies, fine lingerie, event photos or office equipment.

And why not also a box for storing jewelry?

Whether discreet or on the contrary exuberant, our jewelry reveals a part of our personality. These chains, earrings, bracelets and other rings often punctuate our daily lives and accompany us when we travel. It is therefore not uncommon to see them lying around in our drawers and cupboards. This is why the recycling of this box seems particularly relevant to us. This will not only allow them to be grouped consciously in one place, but also protect them from dust.

1. Preparation

Start by grouping all your jewellery together to assess the types of pieces you have and their quantities. Then choose the distribution of the elements: for example the bracelets on the left, in the center the necklaces, on the right the rings.

2. Packaging

Place one or more soft, satin or matte fabrics in the color of your choice at the bottom of the box. Tissue paper can also be used. If you have cardboard elements to cut out, cut them to measure to delimit the storage areas and cover with fabric.

3. Set up

You can now place your jewelry in the spaces allocated to them.

That’s it. This new installation has every reason to inspire you, seeing your jewelry flat also saves time and energy!

We hope this article has inspired you, please do not hesitate to share it with your family and friends who may be interested.

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