Recycling Chic 2/2: Gift Box

By Claire, on 24.12.2021

Wrapping gifts, a passion for some, a nightmare for others. What about you?

On this eve of the holiday season, many of us are busy working on this topic. One can choose to have them packaged on site, in the store, or to make them at home. Gauging paper sizes, cutting, taping, wrapping… Yes, the wrapping of presents can take a while and generously add to our to do list, which is already full.

And yet there are many packaging ideas, especially around recycling, starting with the presentation in the form of a box. It has taken up more and more space on the shelves of stores; it’s a bit like the modern, aesthetic, gift presentation version. You can slip several things into it; a personalized card, a bag of seeds, some gifts, whether they are wrapped or not, scratch games, in short, anything that makes you happy to give.

Its plus: the guaranteed surprise effect!

To set it up, it’s very simple:

1. Fill the bottom

The first step is to choose a soft material to create a stable base on which to place the elements. You can choose from pleated tissue paper, recycled paper strips, fabric, etc.

2. Place the presents

If you choose to wrap them, allow yourself to play with colors and materials. You can also leave visible elements here and there as soon as you open the box, such as a small bag of seeds to plant. Finally, place a greeting card on top, then close.

3. Finalize

Think of a wide ribbon to finish off the present, and tie a bow on top.

It’s done !

For this year, you will therefore have transformed your Vestiaire Personnel box into a gift box. “Passing on” is also our vocation.

We wish you a great holiday season!

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