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What to wear for a ceremony? 3 Original Pieces

By Claire, on 19.11.2021

A sweet smell of sugared almonds is felt… Yes, love is in the air! The ceremonial season is gaining momentum, we are necessarily wondering what to wear. A traditionally flagship element of ceremonies, particularly at weddings: the dress. Its versatility seduces us, in all seasons, many of us favor it. In all its facets, whether long, midday, crossed at the front, plain, flowery, among other possibilities; it seems very difficult to dethrone. In our European countries, the dress is culturally a symbol of feminine elegance and brilliantly marks festive occasions. However, when the urge to be creative pops up, our minds are in the dark. Elegance is not a compromise, so we also think about practicality. When the ceremony location cools off early, it may be a good idea to be more covered. We have compiled three other style clothing options that you may be interested in.

The quirky tuxedo

The duo of a suit jacket and wide-leg pants with a high waist is a safe bet. We can of course opt for a coordinated set, but it is when it is precisely mismatched that it is modern. Choose materials that are preferably plain, in light wool or linen. If it is bold in color, pair it with a simple top in a neutral color, or on the contrary in a bright color if your ensemble is discreet. The accessories will do the rest.

The raw linen top

The unexpected presents itself, and we are already thinking of him at the bend of a lavender alley. The raw linen top is a nice surprise, isn't it? The nobility of the material supports sunny days and combines wonderfully with silks. Thus, new outfit possibilities arise in front of us: on one side, the wide Marlene-style pants to name just one, or the skirt. Straight or loose, it will set the tone according to your personality and the other accessories you have chosen.

The combination

Strong and unique part of your outfit, it is also effective to manage. With or without sleeves, crossed on the bust, mid-short or long and wide - it makes life easier. We can add a stole or a jacket to it for safety, if the temperatures are brought to cool. When it comes to accessories, she allows herself almost everything. The uniformity of the combination makes it possible to dare, perhaps more than usual - whether in terms of bags or shoes. Quirky tuxedo, raw linen top, jumpsuit - whatever you choose, wear it with sincerity and conviction. It will only become more beautiful on D-Day.  

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