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Hourglass Figure – Which Pants to Wear?

By Claire, on 05.06.2022

The shape of your body should be one of the main criteria for choosing the clothes you wear, in our opinion. Wear the right clothes, and the features of the body you want to emphasise will be highlighted, and minor imperfections will be erased.

Female body shapes can be grouped into five primary types: triangle, rectangle, pear, apple and hourglass.

The hourglass body type is considered ideal because of its harmonious proportions, and if you are one of the women who have an hourglass body type, you can consider yourself lucky! Let’s see how to dress to enhance your shape.

How to recognise if you have an hourglass figure:

– Slightly rounded shoulders

– Bust and hips are the same widths

– Narrow and defined waist

– Prominent buttocks and hips

– Wider thighs

– Excess weight is evenly distributed throughout the body.

Some of the celebrities with an hourglass figure:

– Marilyn Monroe

– Raquel Welch

– Salma Hayek

– Jennifer Lopez

What pants to choose if you have an hourglass figure?

The hourglass body type is considered an ideal of female beauty with perfect proportions. So, your only mission is to choose clothes that enhance your body’s characteristics.

Ideally, wear clothes that fit at the waist, which is the slimmest part of your body. Tops and bottoms can be tight or wide; anything will work if it emphasises your waist. Choose natural materials that fall softly and enhance your body shape.

It can be tricky to find the perfect pair of pants when you have shapes because a leg that’s too tight or a waist that’s too low can easily make you look five kilos heavier!

Let’s see the cuts and styles that are particularly well adapted to your morphology because you have the embarrassment of choice: flared pants at the bottom (bootcut effect), wide and fluid pants, short 7/8 pants, slims pants… Almost all the cuts fit you if they have a high waist, assuming that all the styles described here are high-waisted pants. The only pants that won’t work for you are the low rise.

Why high waisted pants? Their cut highlights and emphasises the waist by going up to that part of your body that also is the thinnest. They also visually lengthen the legs by covering a large amount of your lower body. Are you relatively short or have slightly shorter than average legs? Long, high-waisted pants are for you!

High-waisted bootcut pants

The bootcut effect (which is flaring at the bottom) can be more or less pronounced depending on the models and brands, but they all have in common the characteristic of making the legs look thinner than they are.

These are the pants to choose if you don’t feel uncomfortable with your shapes because they will create a slimming effect on the legs by drawing the eye down and balancing the curves of the thighs and hips.

Wear these trousers with a flowing shirt, wedge sandals for a casual, bohemian look, or small knit tops that are more or less wide but always tucked into the waistband.

wide-leg high-waisted trousers le grand large
Le Grand Large trousers high-waisted flared

High waist slim pants

This cut will highlight all the details of your anatomy, which can be more or less flattering depending on your size.

Do you have harmonious curves and a relatively small waist? Do you feel great in your body and your curves? Then don’t hesitate; wear your high-waisted slim pants with narrow or loose tops that you tuck into the waist. Add a nice belt that emphasises your waist and accessories according to what you have on your schedule for the day, and you will probably turn heads on your way!

Do you feel uncomfortable with your shapes? Then we suggest going for a look with long tops that will cover your hips and fall just below your bottom. If the tops you wear stop above your hips, the bulking effect is guaranteed!

tuxedo trousers woman
Smoking N°1 slim high waisted tuxedo trousers

wide-leg pants

For summer, get ready to show off your waist in high-waisted, flowing pants that hug your hips and offer plenty of freedom of movement.

I’ve often met women who won’t wear wide-leg pants for fear that they’ll make them look fat. But if they are well cut and adapted to your size, wide pants are incomparably chic.

First, make sure that the cut is well adjusted at the hip level. For example, avoid pants with pleats, gathers, and that is wide on the hips. This may seem obvious, but adding volume where you already have some is not very flattering!

Then, look for those narrowed at the knee and slightly flared at the bottom again. Without going overboard with the flared effect, a slightly shaped leg like this will slim your figure and make your high-waisted wide-leg pants look lighter.

All tops can be matched with these pants, but prefer them in fluid materials, silk, knit, light cotton, and especially choose them short or tuck them into the waist of your pants.

soiree douce pantalon large a revers
Soiree Douce wide-leg high-waist pants

High waist 7/8 pants

These are the summer pants par excellence and the pants that sign the unforgettable silhouette of Audrey Hepburn.

You can, of course, prefer them with pleats or other style details at the waist, but our choice will always go for a simple and clean-cut that will simply emphasise your body without hiding it behind a lot of clutter.

Along with the wide-leg pant, we think these are the pants that form the basis of a chic and versatile wardrobe that will allow you to build all sorts of looks for work or leisure.

Make them in easy to live stretch cotton for a casual look or in elegant stretchy wool to create the foundation of your business looks.

women 7/8 slim fit trousers
Un Air de Vacances slim high-waisted trousers

Which top to pair with your pants

A nice blouse or shirt in heavy, flowing fabric with a V-neckline will draw attention to the upper body and allow an extraordinary necklace or a neat hairstyle to shine.

Peplum blouses, which offer volume at the hips and shoulders for balanced proportions, can be a good fit if you choose them short enough to stop at the waist or just below.

Finally, the wrap shirt, with long or short sleeves, is the ideal accessory to accentuate the waist, already highlighted by the high-waisted pants.

What shoes to wear

Heeled or flat, pointed shoes will always elongate the silhouette and make the hourglass body look even more proportionate. They pair perfectly with high-waisted pants for a clean, elegant look.

Style mistakes to avoid

Please don’t overdo it!

Don’t alter the proportions you’ve been given. Adding too much volume, details, and clutter in any area of the body can change the proportions and destroy the balance of your figure.

Less is more

Avoid pleats, darts and details, adding volume around the hips. Wear more fitted pants rather than too loose or too baggy.

What not to wear if you have an hourglass figure


Now that you know what type of pants work for your hourglass figure, let’s look at the styles you should avoid, in our opinion.

Jogging pants, sweatpants, and wide-legged tapered pants are some choices that we think are not wise. They are trending in streetwear and are highly comfortable to wear, but they are not equally flattering to all body types and, in our opinion, especially not for an hourglass figure.

Other things to avoid:

– clothes that are too big

– pieces that add volume to the hips

– prints around the chest

Last words

Don’t hide behind your clothes! Draw attention to the best parts of your hourglass figure and hide the imperfections. Knowing what works for you and what doesn’t will make shopping so much easier because you’ll know exactly where to go and what to buy.

By wearing the right clothes for your body type, you will be able to create a proportionate and harmonious silhouette and a balanced and elega

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