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Winter colours – What to wear this Winter?

By Claire, on 31.07.2022

Winter blues is a term used to describe the mood swings that occur during the cold months. Winter is often associated with sadness, loneliness, and low energy levels. But there are many things you can do to combat these feelings, and one of these is wearing red! Let’s take a look at the winter colours for this fall, part #1: red women’s pants!

Red Makes You Feel Warm and Comfortable. If you feel blue during the winter, red might help lift your spirits. Studies show that people who wear red tend to feel more energetic and optimistic than those who wear other colours. This is because red stimulates the part of the brain responsible for emotions.

So let’s see how you can wear and style red.

 If you have an important event, a meeting where you want to attract attention, or perhaps a party with your professional network, we seriously advise you to consider wearing red, and more specifically, red women’s pants.

The good news is that it’s not that difficult and for those of us feeling less comfortable with red, consider these easy combinations that will help you get started:

  • Red and black
  • Red and white

These colour combinations are harmonious and will never fail you. We advise you to start with only these colours and pair your red trousers with a top or sweater of the other colour. You can then add black or red shoes and black or red accessories (belt, bag, scarf, for instance).

winter colours couleurs dhiver savoir pantalon rouge 7/8 flat lay

winter colours couleurs dhiver savoir pantalon rouge 7/8 flat lay

winter colours couleurs dhiver savoir pantalon rouge 7/8 flat lay

For the more daring amongst us, play with red and exploit the full power of this amazing colour.

Try a pale pink shirt.
The pale colour will soften the impact of the red trousers and be easier to take on for the first time.

Find accessories in the same tone.
A bag, for example, that will contain the combined colours of your top and trousers.

If you dare, go for red/purple colour blocking. We promise you’ll turn heads when you do!

But above all, don’t hesitate, dare, and you will see that wearing red in winter will positively impact your mood and those around you!

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